Antarctica Express Cruise: Get The Most Out Of Your Time

antarctica express cruise

The Antarctica Express Cruise is the perfect option for people who want to maximize their time on the White Continent.

It’s an ideal option for people who don’t quite have enough time on their hands for a full blow Antarctic cruise. The express option is also the cruise of choice for people who suffer from severe sea sickness as it avoids the notoriously rough Drake Passage. Whilst the Drake crossing is an experience in itself, weather is unpredictable and the boat will often be swaying considerably.

Don’t think you’re missing out because of this. The Antarctica Express Cruise literally takes you into the heart of the Antarctic Peninsula and spends just as long on the peninsula as the standard Antarctic cruise. Not only this but you get some incredible aerial views of the area as you fly in to the King George Island airstrip.

Once landed you get to explore the island before boarding your cruise ship. Waters around the peninsula are noticeably calmer and you’ll be unlucky to experience any severe boat movement. From then on in its just stunning ice-bergs, long open ice flats and full host of fabulous wildlife.

Have your camera ready for gentoo, adelie and chinstrap penguins rookeries, not to mention the millions of seabirds that inhabit the rocky shorelines! Look out for shoots of ocean spray as you stand on deck, chances are you will be looking at a whale!

After a few days exploring you will return to King George Island for your charter flight back to Punta Arenas. All up the Antarctica Express Cruise can be completed in just over a week – perfect for the modern individual with less time!

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Antarctica Express Cruise

Route Map


Route Itinerary

The itinerary below is a suggested itinerary only. All Antarctic operators have slightly different options and the one below follows the general layout that seems to prevail across most operators. Also, please note that weather often restricts cruises in visiting certain sections along the peninsula – the weather waits for no one sadly!






Trip Variations

  • ​Variation 1
  • ​Variation 2

Crossing the Circle Express Cruise

Like the standard Express cruise, this itinerary allows you to fly each way to avoid the rough Drake Passage. However, this itinerary not only explores the peninsula but also ventures further south to cross the Antarctic Circle! Click here for more information on the Circle Cruise.

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Ships that sail the ​Antarctica Express Cruise Itinerary

Hebridean Sky

In June 2016, the 116 passenger ship underwent a multi-million dollar restoration project to bring the vessel into the modern age – and it worked.

The Hebridean Sky now boasts state of the art stabilization, fuel efficiency and communications system. The ship is ideal for people looking for a feel of camaraderie, similar perhaps to a yacht experience.

Island Sky

One of the smallest expedition ships in Antarctica, the Island Sky is the perfect vessel for wildlife watching. Equipped with 11 zodiacs and excellent deck space, you’ll never miss a thing.

The interior is elegant and the facilities are excellent. All cabins are outward facing and come with private en suite bathrooms.

Ocean Adventurer

The Ocean Adventurer carries 132 passengers and was purpose built for Polar cruises. This fact can be seen everywhere – the cabins are all window facing and the large lounge, dining room and library are all totally lined in glass so you never miss a single view point! 

Food is to die for and the staff are extremely friendly. Deck space is considerable and there are several zodiacs for frequent shore landings.

​Ocean Nova

One of the smaller vessels out there, the Ocean Nova carries only 48 passengers. This gives the ship are very cozy and nice camaraderie feel to it. The Ocean Nova offers outside cabins, spacious dining room, a presentation room, nice bar, gym and a comfortable library. The forward facing lounge is enclosed in glass for stunning forward views.

Click here for more detailed information on the Ocean Nova.


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Antarctica Guide do not sell tours, we simply provide impartial advice. If you would like an exact quote with our recommended specialist click Get a Quote.

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