With Antarctica cruises becoming ever-more popular, getting a last minute Antarctica cruise deal can be a tricky business. 37,000 people visited the white continent in 2010 and this number keeps rising each year. With cruises averaging at $12,000, finding a last minute Antarctica cruise deal can cut the costs of your Antarctica trip significantly.

However, bear in mind that last minute Antarctica cruise deals do come at a price. Though you may save money overall, you will usually have to compromise on the quality of your cruise experience.

If you are looking for a last minute Antarctica cruise, it’s unlikely that you will be able to pick and choose when and where you go as cruise spaces will be limited. Although some agencies do offer a last minute Antarctica cruise option, you may find that the prices are not hugely cheaper unless you are going for a luxury cruise, where you can find discounted deals up to 50% off.

Below, we have written a comprehensive page covering everything you need to know about a last minute Antarctica cruise. Hoping to set the record straight on what is and isn’t possible when searching for a last minute Antarctica cruise deal, we have tried to cover all areas so that you have all the key facts.

Agencies offering last minute Antarctica cruise deals

Scouring the web for last minute Antarctica cruise deals is a timely process as many tour operators advertise last minute deals but without much of a discount. There are many agencies located in Ushuaia who do take last minute Antarctica cruise bookings via email. This means you will have a good idea of what cruises are available and you can then book accordingly.

When booking a last minute Antarctica cruise online or over the phone, make sure to do your research. We highly recommend checking all the details before you book to make sure your last minute Antarctica cruise is what you want and there are no hidden costs.

Some details to double-check are sleeping arrangements, size of your cruise ship and whether extras such as drinks are included in the price.

Since there are limitations on the number of people permitted on land at one time in Antarctica, you want to get the smallest cruise ship possible. Bigger cruise ships mean that you will be less likely to step onto the Antarctic Peninsula and may mean you have less chance to experience the beautiful wilderness.

The cheapest cruises also tend to be shorter, so check your itinerary to make sure you are visiting the places you want to go. Cruises that last 9 or 10 days mean you will only get to spend 4 or 5 days on the continent – not that long considering the distance you will travel!


Antarctica is not a backpacking destination or a popular destination for those on a tight budget. Usually, the more money you pay, the better your Antarctic experience! When looking for a last minute Antarctica cruise deal, prices can vary considerably and start at around $4000.

The cheapest Antarctica cruises aren’t normally discounted a lot, and maybe not even at all. Paying the lowest of around $4000 for a last minute Antarctica cruise will generally get you a shared quadruple cabin with shared bathroom on a 10 day cruise. The cruise ship will hold around 200 passengers and drinks will probably be an additional cost.

If you’re travelling alone and aren’t worried about a luxury Antarctica experience, this may be a great deal for you. However, if you are travelling in a larger group and want to spend a bit more time exploring Antarctica’s landscape, wildlife and history, you may want to pay a bit more than the base rate.

Luckily, the more expensive cruises are usually much more discounted and you might even find a great half price deal. In general, longer Antarctica cruises are priced around $10,000-$25,000, depending on what type of accommodation you choose, where you want to visit and how luxurious you want your cruise to be.

A last minute Antarctica cruise deal for one of these longer and more luxurious trips can range from $6000-$20,000. With these last minute deals, you can expect a smaller cruise ship – around 100 passengers- a shared twin room with shared bathroom and extras such as drinks included in the price.

Last minute Antarctica cruise deals in Ushuaia

Though there are several different ports around the world for Antarctica cruises, Ushuaia is the closest and most popular. Typically, ports other than Ushuaia have chartered services which require you to book well in advance so last minute Antarctica cruise deals aren’t available.

The tourism season in Antarctica runs from November to March so this is the time to find last minute Antarctica cruise deals. There are loads of Antarctica cruise agencies located in Ushuaia itself, so staying in Ushuaia to find a last minute Antarctica cruise is often a good idea.

However, staying in Ushuaia to find a good deal does mean paying for accommodation and food for an unspecified amount of time. It also means not being able to book return flights in advance as you won’t know your return date.

You will need to visit several travel agencies on a daily basis and be prepared to board a cruise ship the day after booking. However, nothing is guaranteed and there may not be many last minute Antarctica cruise deals available. If travelling in a group, it is likely that you won’t be able to find lots of spaces on a single cruise ship and may have to sleep in different cabins.


Despite there being last minute Antarctica cruise deals out there, finding one suitable for your trip may not be that easy. You will have to factor in extra costs for staying in Ushuaia whilst looking for a last minute Antarctica cruise deal and you may find that discounted prices may not offer the best Antarctica experience.

Cutting on costs for your Antarctica journey may not be the best option for groups of travelers. It’s also difficult to plan your Antarctica trip not knowing set dates of travel and may cause a lot more stress trying to find a suitable cruise!

If you are looking for a bargain, don’t expect to find last minute Antarctica cruise deals for less than $4000 and make sure to check the itinerary in detail to avoid disappointment. However, if you don’t think a last minute Antarctica cruise is for you, don’t worry as there are lots of other reasonably priced

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