Spirit of Enderby: Ship Details and Overview


The Spirit of Enderby is a pure research vessel and built to withstand the toughest of seas. Sister ship to the Akademik Shokalskiy, Shes decked out with the latest expeditionary equipment and crewed by an extremely knowledgeable Russian crew.

The ship is named in honour of the Enderby brother of London who, during much of the 1800’s, pushed Antarctic exploration further than ever. The ship is also named after Enderby Island, one of the greatest Sub-Antarctic islands on earth.

During the northern summer months the Spirit of Enderby is often engaged in Oceanographic Research across New Zealand and any of the sub-Antarctic islands.

The Spirit of Enderby went under a complete re-haul prior to the start of the 2004/2005 season. A new dining room, bar, galley and library was constructed, whilst most of the cabins were completely refurbished and re-carpeted. A brand new lecture room with the latest audio technology was also built.

The Spirit of Enderby is a basic but comfortable Antarctica cruise ship. Perfect for people who want to explore regions few have ever stepped foot in!

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​Spirit of Enderby Ship Overview


  • Ship Type: Research Ship
  • Passengers: 50
  • Speed : 12
  • Length : 236
  • Voltage : 220V
  • Facilities : Bar/Lounge, Two Dining Halls, Infirmary
  • Equipment : Zodiacs

Cabin Options

Triple Cabin 

​Main Deck


​Superior Plus

​Mini Suite

​Heritage Suite

On-Board Facilities

Public Area Facilities

The Spirit of Enderbey is a comfortable, yet basic ship. There is no luxuries on this voyage and you can expect the atmosphere to be very informal, relaxed and tight knit.

There is plenty of deck space around the ship and the captain has an open bridge policy for passengers. There is a good sized dining room with enough space to cater for all passengers at one. The lunge is also spacious and comes with an adjoining bar. The library is well stocked and you’ll find books on the local history, geology and wildlife of the region.

The lecture room is also spacious and is equipped with excellent audio technology for good quality presentations.

Cabin Facilities

​Like the public areas, the cabins are simple, cozy and comfortable.

All cabins have outward facing portholes and excellent storage space. Almost half of the cabins have private en suites whilst the rest have shared bathroom facilities.

All cabins are comfortable, simple and functional – do not expect luxury though.

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Ship Photos

Activities Offered





$180 per person on average – camping info


$465 per person on average


Adventure itineraries only

Photography Workshop

Selected itineraries only

Shore-based walking

Included in price

Hiking and snowshoeing

Included in price

Polar Plunge and Zodiac Trip

Included in price

Helicopter Ride

Price varies


Price varies

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brian ashton says November 12, 2019

has the spirit of enderby got a imo number, if so, what.

    Burnham Arlidge says November 13, 2019

    Hi Brian,

    The Spirit of Enderby does indeed have an IMO number – 8010350

    Thanks – AG Team

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