Akademik Shokalskiy: Ship Details and Overview

Akademik Shokalskiy

​Built in 1984, the Akademik Shokalskiy was designed in Finland for polar and oceanographic research. With and ice-strengthened hull, the vessel is ideally suited to the harsh Antarctica environment. The ship is both small and agile and excellently designed to reach smaller bays and inlets that many other Antarctica cruises cannot reach. The ship is decked out with zodiacs to allow passengers the most time ashore exploring and photographing.

Facilities on board the 48 passenger ship are comfortable and cozy. The Akademik Shokalskiy underwent full refurbishment recently and the cabins are all outward facing with either portholes or windows and half the accommodation comes with private en suites. Cabins are light and airy with good storage space.

The vessel is equipped with a good sized lounge, library, full lecture room and dining area. The cuisine is notably excellent on board the Akademik Shokalskiy and all food is prepared by experienced New Zealand and Australian chefs.

The vessel is not a luxury Antarctica cruise and the main focus of its journeys is to get its passengers ashore as much as possible, and the Akademik Shokalskiy is excellent at doing just that. Get ready for some excellent wildlife photos!

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Akademik Shokalskiy Ship Overview


  • ​Ship Type: Research Ship
  • Passengers: 48
    Cabins : 28
  • Speed : 10 knots
  • Length : 236
  • Draft : 16.5
  • Beam : 56
  • Facilities : Lounge, Lecture Room, Bar, Library,
  • Equipment : Zodiacs

Cabin Options

​Main Deck


​Superior Plus

Mini Suite

​Heritage Suite

On-Board Facilities

Public Area Facilities

​The Akademik Shokalskiy is a comfortable and cozy ship. There is a dedicated lecture room with excellent audio capabilities and a large lounge with adjoining bar.

There is a dining room which can hold all of the passengers and the food is excellent. The ships has lots of deck space and you’re free to wander around to experience the magnificent views! The ship also comes with a well stocked library that holds books on the history, geology and wildlife of the Antarctic regions and the ship also has a sauna and infirmary.

Because of its small size, the ship has a very friendly, relaxed and tight knit atmosphere similar perhaps to a private cruise rather than a large Antarctica cruise.

Cabin Facilities

​Like the public areas, the cabins are simple, cozy and comfortable. Do not expect luxury.

Cabins are mainly made up of twin and triple cabins, some come with shared bathrooms whilst the more expensive one have private facilities. All cabins are outside facing cabins and come with a desk, good storage space and a window or porthole.

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Ship Photos

Activities Offered





$180 per person on average – camping info


$465 per person on average


Adventure itineraries only

Photography Workshop

Selected itineraries only

Shore-based walking

Included in price


Included in price

Polar Plunge and Zodiac Trip

Included in price

Helicopter Ride

Price varies


Price varies

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