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About the National Geographic Explorer

The National Geographic Explorer ship is a luxury Antarctica cruise vessel that offer a state of the art facilities to her passengers.

Purchased from Norway, the National Geographic Explorer set sail in the Polar regions in mid-2008 after a complete re-haul. The ship has an ice strengthened-hull and comes fully stabilized for on board comfort. With a 1A ice-class, the Explorer is the perfect ship to explore the cold environments around the Antarctic peninsula.

The National Geographic Explorer can carry up to 148-passengers and offers a modern and intimate setting. On board facilities include an undersea Specialist, Spa Therapist, Wellness Specialist and a Video Chronicler. Cabins are all well thought out and come with windows or portholes, TV and en suites.

Because of her small size, luxury facilities and knowledgeable staff, the National Geographic Explorer is one of the favorites among Antarctic travelers.


Ship Specifications and Activites


  • Ship Type: Luxury Expedition Ship
  • Passengers: 148
  • Cabins : 81
  • Beam : 54
  • Length : 367


Kayaking Option: $465 per person (average price)

Shore-Based Walking: Included in price

Snorkeling: Included in price on certain itineraries.

Photography Workshop: Included in price on most itineraries.

On Board Facilites

Public Area Facilites

The National Geographic Explorer boasts a whole host of facilities that people have come to expect from luxury Antarctica vessels. Because of her small size, the facilities all have a very intimate and modern feel about them.

On board facilities include: Several restaurant, Bar/Lounge, Several good sized Sun Decks, Observation lounge with panoramic windows, Gift Shop, Mud room with lockers, Gym and Sauna, Polar Library, Business Center with Internet access, Elevator, Laundry room and an Open Bridge for people to visit the captains area.

Cabin Facilites

All 81 cabins on board the National Geographic Explorer face outward with either windows or portholes. Each cabin comes with a large desk, excellent drawer space, reading lamps, private en suite facilities, temperature controls and flatscreen TV showing the ship’s position and programming. Most cabins also offer a comfortable armchair for reading. Bathrooms are a good size and come with a large glass-walled shower. Each bathroom is stocked with naturally-inspired bath and shower products, hair dryers and comfortable white robes. Suites come with twin sinks. Double cabins all come with different layouts.

You can read more about each cabin below the deck plan.

Ship Photos

Public Area Photos

Cabin Photos

Deck Plan and Cabin Information


Main Deck – Average 188 sq ft with 1 or 2 portholes. Cabins 301, 302 and 307 come with two fixed twin beds. Cabins 303-306 come with one fixed queen-sized bed. Cabin 308 can be either a queen or two twins

Main Deck – Average 171 sq ft with 2 fixed twin beds (some cabins convert to a queen-sized bed) and one large window.

Main Deck – Average 210 sq ft with 2 twin beds (some cabins convert to a queen-sized bed), one big window, two sitting chairs and a small table and excellent storage.

Upper or Veranda Deck – Cabins come with two fixed twin beds and a minimum of one large window. Cabin 217, 226 and 228 come with one queen-size bed.

Upper Deck – Cabins all come with a balcony, sliding glass doors and one queen-sized bed. Cabin 221 has 2 fixed twin beds that can convert, if needed, to an Olympic-sized queen.

Veranda or Upper Deck – Great sized suites that come with two twin beds that can be converted if needed into a queen bed. Bathrooms have twin sinks. Veranda deck cabins can be converted into triples if required. Upper deck cabins come with a private balcony.

Upper Deck – Large suites with private balconies, queen-sized bed or two twin beds that can be convert to an Olympic-sized queen if needed. Cabins come with seating areas that can be converted to triples. Bathrooms have twin sinks

Main, Upper or Veranda Deck – Cabins come with one twin bed and a large window or several portholes

Prices and Itineraries

Below is a table detailing the National Geographic Explorer’s trips and prices for the 2017/18 season. All prices are per person and in US dollars. Please note that all prices are estimates only. Antarctica Guide do not sell tours, we simply provide impartial advice. If you would like an exact quote with our recommended specialist then please click here.

Per Person USD – Rates 2017-2018 Cat 1 Double Porthole Cat 2 Double Window Cat 3 Double Window Cat 4 Oversized Double Cat 5 Double Balcony Cat 6 Suite Cat 7 Balcony Suite Cat SA Solo Cat SB Solo
Nov 06 – Nov 29, 2017 (24 days)

$23,795 $25,495 $26,695 $27,945 $34,295 $39,575 $45,885  



Classic Antarctica Cruise – Nov 26 – Dec 09, 2017 (14 days)

$13,765 $14,795 $15,235 $16,395 $19,725 $22,545 $26,245 $18,495 $19,045
Classic Antarctica Cruise –
Dec 06 – Dec 19, 2017 (14 days)

$13,765 $14,795 $15,235 $16,395 $19,725 $22,545 $26,245 $18,495 $19,045
Classic Antarctica Cruise – Dec 16 – Dec 29, 2017 (14 days)

$14,865 $15,975 $16,455 $17,695 $21,295 $24,345 $28,340 $19,965 $20,565
Classic Antarctica Cruise – Dec 26 – Jan 08, 2018 (14 days)

$14,865 $15,975 $16,455 $17,695 $21,295 $24,345 $28,340 $19,965 $20,565
Classic Antarctica Cruise – Jan 05 – Jan 18, 2018 (14 days)

$13,765 $14,795 $15,235 $16,395 $19,725 $22,545 $26,245 $18,495 $19,045
Classic Antarctica Cruise -Jan 15 – Jan 28, 2018 (14 days)

$13,765 $14,795 $15,235 $16,395 $19,725 $22,545 $26,245 $18,495 $19,045
Classic Antarctica Cruise –
Jan 25 – Feb 07, 2018 (14 days)

$13,765 $14,795 $15,235 $16,395 $19,725 $22,545 $26,245 $18,495 $19,045
Classic Antarctica Cruise – Feb 04 – Feb 17, 2018 (14 days)

$13,765 $14,795 $15,235 $16,395 $19,725 $22,545 $26,245 $18,495 $19,045
Antarctica via South Georgia, and the Falklands – Feb 14 – Mar 09, 2018 (24 days)

$23,795 $25,495 $26,695 $27,945 $34,295 $39,575 $45,885 $31,865  



Recommended Antarctica Cruise specialist

Choosing the right ship is hugely important. We know there are countless operators, ships and itineraries out there and it can sometimes seem a little daunting. This is why we recommend getting in touch with our recommended Antarctica cruise specialist. They deal with every single operator inn Antarctica so that you can contrast and compare all itineraries, prices and ships. You’ll get pure unbiased information!


If you have any further questions or queries regarding the National Geographic Explorer, please just leave a message below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Thank you and happy travels!