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About the Hebridean Sky

Formerly sailing under the name ‘Sea Explorer’, the Hebridean Sky underwent a 6 million dollar refurbishment early in 2016 and the new boat hit the waters in June. The vessel has been known for years for its excellent on board service and refined elegance.

The atmosphere on board the Hebridean Sky is perhaps similar to a large luxury yacht. There is always a strong feeling of camaraderie aboard the ship and passengers will love the state of the art equipment. The ship has an ice-strengthened hull and is fully stabilized for passengers that suffer from sea sickness.

The vessel provides excellent fuel efficiency, state of the art navigation and a small fleet of zodiacs, making it the perfect luxury exploration ship! All cabins are spacious and light with windows, TVs and private en suites and the public areas include a live lounge, library and fitness center.

Ship Specifications and Activites


  • Ship Type: Luxury Expedition Ship
  • Passengers: 114
  • Cabins : 58
  • Length : 297
  • Speed : 15
  • Beam : 50
  • Draft : 12
  • Voltage : 110V


On board Lectures: Included in price

Kayaking: Offered on select itineraries – $695 per person.

Camping: Camping is offered on select itineraries and costs $125 per person.

Shore-Based Walking: Included in price

Photography Workshops: Included in price

On Board Facilites

Public Area Facilites

The Hebridean Sky is a luxury cruise ship designed to give people an elegant and professionally serviced Antarctic experience within 5 star comfort.

The Hebridean Sky is a small vessel which allows the ship to make daily shore landings. With a number of zodiacs on board, passengers will never miss a single photo opportunity or wildlife viewing.

With luxury in mind, the facilities on board the Hebridean Sky are excellent and only the finest fittings and furnishings are used throughout the ship. Facilities include Library with Internet access, Lounge with daily Live Entertainment, bar, spacious Dining Room, Wraparound Sun Deck, Exercise Room, Beauty Salon, Medical Facilities and Elevator.

Cabin Facilites

Like the public areas, the cabins on the Hebridean Sky are luxurious, light and spacious.

All cabins aboard the Hebridean Sky are outside facing suites that offer excellent sea views. The Veranda and Penthouse suites also offer private balconies. All suites include a bedroom with twin or queen-size beds, separate sitting area, mini bar, flat screen TV with DVD player, sat telephone, Climate control and a marble-appointed en suite bathroom with lovely toiletries and hairdryer. If you wish, the sofa can be also be converted to a bed for a third person.

You can read more about each cabin below the deck plan.

Ship Photos

Public Area Photos

Cabin Photos

Deck Plan and Cabin Information

Approx 225 sq. ft. Triple Suites are on Deck 3 with good window and sitting area. Please note that the third berth in this suite is only suitable for passengers up to 5’10” in height.

Approx sq. ft. Porthole Suites are on Deck 2 and come with portholes and sitting area. Suites 252, 254 – 262

Approx v Window Suites are on Deck 3 and come with window and sitting area. Suites 329 – 330, 332-333 and 335-348

Approx 220 sq. ft. Promenade Suites are on the Promenade Deck and come with side windows and sitting area. Exclusive amenities – Suites 416 – 428

Approx 118 Sq. ft. Single Suites are on the Promenade Deck and come with window and queen-sized bed. Exclusive amenities – Suites 429 – 430

Approx 240 sq. ft. Deluxe Suites are on the Promenade Deck and come with forward and side windows and sitting area. Exclusive amenities – Suites 414 – 415.

Approx 260 sq. ft. Veranda Suites are on the Veranda Deck and come with private balcony and sitting area. Exclusive amenities. Suites 505 – 512

Approx 325 sq. ft. Penthouse Suites are on the Penthouse Deck and come with private balcony and sitting area. Exclusive amenities. Suites 601, 603 – 605

The Owner’s Suite is located on the Penthouse Deck and comes with a private balcony and two rooms – a sitting room and private bedroom, with en suite bathroom and separate dressing area off the hallway. Exclusive amenities. Suite 602

Prices and Itineraries

Below is a table detailing the Hebridean Sky’s trips and prices for the 2017/18 season. All prices are per person and in US dollars. Please note that all prices are estimates only. Antarctica Guide do not sell tours, we simply provide impartial advice. If you would like an exact quote with our recommended specialist then please click here.

Per Person USD – Rates 2017-2018 Triple Suite Porthole Suite Window
Promenade Suite Single Suite Deluxe Suite Veranda Suite Penthouse Suite Owner’s Suite
Antarctica via Falklands and South Georgia – Oct 29 – Nov 18, 2017 (21 days)
$13,990 $16,190 $17,990 $18,490 $22,990 $18,990 $21,790 $23,990 $26,990
Classic Antarctica Cruise – Nov 17 – Nov 28, 2017 (12 days)
$7,290 $8,990 $10,490 $10,990 $12,990 $11,290 $12,490 $13,590 $15,290
Classic Antarctica Cruise – Nov 27 – Dec 08, 2017 (12 days)
$7,290 $8,990 $10,490 $10,990 $12,990 $11,290 $12,490 $13,590 $15,290
Classic Antarctica Cruise – Jan 05 – Jan 16, 2018 (12 days)
$9,990 $11,990 $13,990 $14,290 $16,790 $14,790 $15,990 $18,790 $21,790
Classic Antarctica Cruise – Jan 15 – Jan 26, 2018 (12 days)
$9,990 $11,990 $13,990 $14,290 $16,790 $14,790 $15,990 $18,790 $21,790
Antarctica via South Georgia and the Falklands – Jan 25 – Feb 13, 2018 (20 days)
$16,590 $19,990 $22,290 $22,790 $28,290 $23,290 $26,290 $28,990 $31,990
Antarctica Circle Cruise – Feb 12 – Feb 26, 2018 (15 days)
$10,990 $14,490 $15,990 $16,490 $19,590 $16,990 $18,990 $21,990 $23,990
Classic Antarctica Cruise – Feb 25 – Mar 08, 2018 (12 days)
$7,990 $9,990 $11,990 $12,490 $13,990 $12,790 $13,790 $15,490 $17,590

Recommended Antarctica Cruise specialist

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If you have any further questions or queries regarding the Hebridean Sky, please just leave a message below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Thank you and happy travels!