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Whale Watching In Antarctica: Witness Nature’s Greatest Mammals

Whale watching in Antarctica presents a phenomenal opportunity to witness one of Earth’s most majestic marine animals within their natural habitat. There’s nothing quite like a pod of Killer Whales

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What Is The Best Antarctica Cruise?

The best Antarctica cruise is generally the one that gives you the most time on the ice. However, if you're short on holiday time or unsure of how long you want to be on a ship, a shorter cruise may the

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What to Expect Onboard Your Antarctica Cruise Ship

For many, visiting Antarctica is the ultimate adventure. Preparing for the adventure is key. Therefore, knowing what to expect onboard your Antarctica cruise ship will help you get the most out of your

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Why Antarctica Should Be Your First Vacation Destination After COVID-19

During these tough times, our wanderlust is stronger than ever. Travelling to new and exotic places is something that many of us love to do. Sadly it is not possible right now, but that hasn’t stopped

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Travelling Solo To Antarctica: What To Expect

Travelling solo to Antarctica is an incredibly rewarding experience and one that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Antarctica is one of the last and most beautiful frontiers in the world. The

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Climate Change In Antarctica: Should We Be Worried?

For years, climate change in Antarctica was used as an example to contradict popular global warming theories. Many thought that if the world was truly heating up, both poles would see a decrease in ice

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Skiing In Antarctica – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a sense of adventure and a love for skiing? While the Swiss Alps is exciting, nothing compares to skiing in Antarctica. Carving the first tracks down a pristine mountain slope is a dream for

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Snowshoeing in Antarctica: Exploring The Authentic Way

Are you seeking an exhilarating adventure that takes you deep into the Antarctic interior? Snowshoeing in Antarctica provides a unique opportunity to explore Antarctica’s untouched wilderness by foot. Dating

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Antarctica Cruise Ship Facilities

Whatever Antarctic itinerary you choose, you will certainly want to know what your Antarctica cruise ship facilities include. Whether travelling on a research vessel or a luxury expedition ship, most

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Best Time to Visit South Georgia Island

South Georgia Island is one of the world’s most beautiful southerly eco-systems, with vast mountains and magnificent glaciers spanning it’s 165km length. Part of the South Sandwich Islands in the Southern

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